Christmas party at SHRIMPS 2015

(Australia, December 17, 2015)

My friend Christine (Astra’s mom) organized a Christmas party again this year at the park in Marickville (inside the Girl Guide hall in the park.)

Here is the hall all decorated, before we let the kids in:

IMG_2020 copy

Rowena helped out with the games too.

IMG_2021 copy

This is the game I was supervising:

IMG_2022 copy

The first kids arrived:

IMG_2027 copy

This year the weather was beautiful, so some of the games took place outside.

IMG_2030 copy

Xsenia attempting to drop a ping-pong ball into the tray with a racket:

IMG_2036 copy

Candy race:

IMG_2042 copy

IMG_2044 copy

And finally, Santa arrived. The kids greeted him with a song:

IMG_2058 copy

IMG_2064 copy

After the party, some of the kids played outside for a while longer.

IMG_2066 copy

Just a normal Tuesday

(Australia, December 8, 2015)

At home, Xsenia played a bit on the Reading Eggs website.

IMG_1951 copy.jpg

Then Xsenia and I went to our Tuesday park meetup, while Rowena and Linnea stayed home (Linnea was busy playing Terraria on her new PC with her friends in Canada.)

IMG_1935 copy

On our way back, we stopped at the playground closest to our house. We got a visit from a kookaburra.

IMG_1948 copy

Linnea’s Drama class performance

(Australia, December 7, 2015)

This year Linnea performed in a short play with two of her friends:

IMG_1864 copy

IMG_1870 copy

Afterward, we had a potluck lunch, and then the kids played some drama games organized by the teacher.

IMG_1880 copy

Xsenia joined in too.

IMG_1888 copy

Some of the younger kids started playing a game of their own on the side, and Xsenia joined them (most of them she knows from when she was in drama class, or she sees at the various park days she goes to during the week.) They kept playing that game for a long time.

IMG_1896 copy

Xsenia had so much fun playing that she didn’t want to leave, so I stayed with her while Linnea and Rowena went back home. We walked by the playground on the way to the bus, and she wanted to stay and play for a while.

IMG_1916 copy

She was very excited when we got “the Christmas bus” on the way back:

IMG_1931 copy

IMG_1924 copy